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As professional oriental rug cleaners we know that not all rugs are cleaned the same and that some rugs tend to want to have color run issues while the newer modern rugs / area rugs don't have color run issues because the dyes are high end chemical dyes that lock into the wool. The on-going issue is just getting the stains out of the rugs without harming the fibers because of the possible aggressive chemicals that might need to be used to get out the stain.

We love washing rugs and also doing rug restoration as well as rug repair work in Miami. We work with a lot of designers in the area as well as rug dealers that know they need their client's carpets washed the right way. Removing odors from rugs is our speciality especially pet odors which is what we see the most of. When it comes to removing odors the most important thing is water and let me tell you you need a lot of water and a good wringer to flush and squeeze it out. We are so successful at it that we see customers on a regular basis. Call us up for a free estimate


NW 18th Ter, Miami, Florida, 33125

Opening Hour ( Monday to Friday) 9 A.M to 5 P.M,

Email : oriental@orientalrugcleaningmiami.com

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