Removing soil for the rug is possibly the most important step in properly washing an Oriental rug. In the old days the rug was placed on a fence and the rug was beaten to remove the soil and dust. Today the process is using a tumbler and soft compressed air so when the rug is washed the dirt doesn't work to the top of the oriental rug after the rug dries. Oriental rug cleaners all know that this step must be done properly but the problem is that it requires a lot of time, so other companies just choose to vacuum the rug then go for the cleaning. Our team of rug experts know if they need to put a lot of time into making sure all the dirt and dust is removed from the rug before tempting to clean it because if they don't see clear water in the final stage when it goes into the wringer they have to re wash it. Let me tell you they don't want to hand wash a 200 pound plus wet rug twice if they don't have to. So skipping the soil removal process isn't an option. Next step treating stains and washing rug.


Treating stains and washing Rug

As a professional rug cleaner we love the many challenges of cleaning a modern rug or even an oriental rug. The stains that are in the rug whether it is from a pet or even from the grand child visiting and spilling your home made pie on it is one of the biggest challenges. We are here to remove the stains and get the rug back to looking new.

After the soil removal process is done, the next morning is the cleaning. The rug is laid out on the wash floor and the oriental rug is looked over for stains and to look for any damage to the rug before the cleaning begins. Sometimes this is when the plant manager is called into the floor to document any damages or to recommend any repair work needed.

Now it is time to treat the stains with the right treatment for the stain so the stain doesn't get set into the fiber and becomes permanent. this is why we say not every rug is washed the same!

After treating the stains we then wet down the rug and apply the special soaps that are needed to get the rug properly cleaned. We do not use hot water or very aggressive detergents that could make the colors in the rugs unstable. We work the solution into the fibers then flip the rug over and repeat the process to the back. We let our special formula settle into the fiber to loosen up the stains before using a lot of fresh water to remove all soaps. If our customer is needing us do a guarantee pet odor removal process this is an additional step that requires more work so we can return the rug back with no smells. Next step is fringe detailing.

Fringe cleaning

Fringe cleaning puts a smile on my face, I love seeing the fringes look like new, especially when the rug comes into our shop looking dirty which is most of the time. Sometimes the fringes are so far gone the customers are having us put new fringes on it before returning it. We can do machine made fringes or we can even do it by hand, where you can even notice that the new fringes are really new. We do a lot of this. Let me get back to the conversation of fringe detailing.

We apply a special formula to the fringes to loosen the dirt and we all this formula to have a long dwell time so the results are outstanding. Even after the rug is done if we aren't happy with the way the fringe look we re-clean the fringes. Next step is to neutralize the rug and put it in the wringer to have the the water squeezed out of the cotton foundation


Neutralize the rug

Professional rug cleaners are not created equal, this is what I know is a truth! After cleaning a rug we just don't put it in the centrifuge and spin it around and add water. After the washing we review the stain removal work that was done to the rug to make sure out goal of stain removal was accomplished then we examine the fringes. After the quality control is approved we apply a neutrilzing agent to neutralize the soap and make the rug ph neutral. We then put the rug into the wringer to squeeze the water out of the rug and most importantly squeeze out the cotton foundation which hides smells, this is why we always clean the back side of the rug even if the rug is in for a yearly cleaning. When the rug is going in the wringer we are looking at the water making sure the water is clear. This is another step the separates us from the companies that claim to hand wash oriental rugs. We own a wringer! If we did see water that wasn't clear we would re-clean it. Remember I said in the dusting section that our team of rug cleaning specialist take the soil removal process serious, this is why. The wringer is in the middle of our plant where our walk in customer can easily see the rug going into the wringer and most importantly the plant manager who is in charge of quality control, come and see for yourself! Next step is centrifuge and to dry.

Centrifuge and to dry

When the rug comes out of the wringer we put the rug in the centrifuge to spin out any remaining water that might be in the rug and also to add some more fresh water to the spinning process before hanging the rug to dry.  I wouldn't say the centrifuge is the most important piece of equipment we own but we do like the added advantage of have is so the rug dries faster.  By far the wringer is the most important equipment in the cleaning of a modern or oriental rug and let's not forget about the men who are cleaning who have been with us for many years.  The rug tech position is a position we highly respect and we treat our crew very good because they treat our customers rug very well.  Next step detailing the rug.


Detailing the rug

The last step is detailing the rug after the rug has been dried. We look over the rug and make sure the stains come out that and if a stain is now permanent we still try getting it out. Our cut off point in stain removal is if the final treatment option should compromise the dye in the wool, we then stop and consider it a permanent stain. We then pile brush the rug and put it in it's numbered home so we can schedule it for delivery.

This is how we clean rugs and we love what we do, we invite all people from the West coast of Florida to tour our facility as well as people that live as far as Key West.

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