Oriental Rug Cleaning Services

Our oriental rug cleaning service is perfect for Miami and even going as far north as Jupiter Island. We specialize in cleaning modern rugs, oriental carpets, antique rug cleaning and many other fibers that can be challenging to clean.

Some companies say they clean tile and grout as well as oriental rug cleaning Miami, well we don't! We are rug cleaners that just clean rugs and animal hides, just beautiful looking art that people would want to put on the floor.....[ More ]


Area Rug Cleaning Service

We are your local area rug cleaning service that has been servicing Miami and Miami beach for a very long time and we also travel down south to Key Largo where we have a lot of customers. Our are area rug cleaning services include hand repair work to damaged rugs. We do repair work on Modern rugs, oriental rugs, antique rugs, animal skin rugs, and well as all types of area rugs. When it comes to cleaning wool and silk this is our speciality and it is how we make our living. Rug cleaning only, we do not sell rugs, although we clean a lot of dealers carpets and are happy to refer to you people to buy rugs from... [ More ]

Antique Rug Cleaning Service

Antique rug cleaning services Miami is the skill set that our in house team of rug expert do daily. Besides cleaning antique rugs we also do repair. We have been collection hand spun wool for many years and well as silk. Of course buying wool and silk is a never ending process. Heck you can have many many different shades of reds. Sometime we have to match a shade of red that was sun faded because the rug was exposed to a lot of sun light... [ More ]


Modern Rug Cleaning Service

Modern rug cleaning services is what we do. Today most of the rugs sold in Miami or new modern construction has modern rugs. Modern rugs are art, that is what it is, Art! Some people buy mass production modern rugs with canvas backing then there are those that have a one of a kind that was designed by a well known artist that drew something very special and hired a master weaving team to execute the design. I have seen some modern rugs at trade shows be bought as fast as the rug is unveiled in the pile of rugs to be sold. I remember once being in New York city at the armory and seeing this happen... [ More ]

Pet Odor Removal Service

Your dog just made a mistake on your rug? Don't worry we are the pet odor removal service company that specialize in odor removal. Because of pets I would have to say we made it through the great recession with out having to layoff anyone. People love their animals and so do we! When we take on a pet odor removal job the rug is tagged and we strike a fat red line on the tag so the rug washers know that that rug is go get the odor removal treatment... [ More ]


Rug Repair and Restoration Specialist

We have been doing rug repair in Miami for many years and we are the rug restoration specialist! After many years of being in this industry we keep buying up supplies and our inventory is very impressive. When people tour our shop and rug restoration department they are in awe over how much wool and silk we have. I too have to say I am impressed. I wish I could stop buying wool and silk but I can't. When starting this business many years ago and needing a color in order to do a repair... [ More ]

Rug Padding Service

We offer rug padding services. We sell so much rug padding that our pad is always fresh of the truck. Most people buy rug pads from us to go with their freshly cleaned rug. When we cut the pad we take one inch off each side, this way you do not trip on the rug. The padding saves the rug from being worn down because the pressure is now on the padding not the rug... [ More ]


NW 18th Ter, Miami, Florida, 33125

Opening Hour ( Monday to Friday) 9 A.M to 5 P.M,

Email : oriental@orientalrugcleaningmiami.com

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