Rug Padding Service

We offer rug padding services. We sell so much rug padding that our pad is always fresh of the truck. Most people buy rug pads from us to go with their freshly cleaned rug. When we cut the pad we take one inch off each side, this way you do not trip on the rug. The padding saves the rug from being worn down because the pressure is now on the padding not the rug. Also you will feel great comfort from walking on it. We only sell one type of pad because it is the best! Our padding service is very fine because a lot of care is put into making sure the right measurements are taken so that the perfect sized pad will go under it. We have many videos of our padding service check out our youtube channel.


NW 18th Ter, Miami, Florida, 33125

Opening Hour ( Monday to Friday) 9 A.M to 5 P.M,

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